Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And the school year begins...

It has been a while since my last post.  I have been going non stop! I finally got my car situation figured out.  I am now an owner of a brand new Honda Accord....I love it! If I didn't explain it before... I bought  a used car a few months ago and was having all kinds of problems with it.  We found out that it was burning the oil...so we took it back and they gave me a great deal on a brand new car so I bought one!  My (big) puppy is doing great! Slowly getting house trained and as healthy as can be!  This weekend I have to take the poor thing to get more shots...that should be fun (not). 

I passed my College Algebra course that I took this summer...which was a complete miracle.  Both of my schools have started back up again...my work school and school school. Work is going great!  I am in a new classroom this year which is different but I love it!  My kids are so fun.  The lead teacher I am working with is great.  This is her first year at my school so she is learning but she is picking up things really well!  I have to say how entertaining it can be working at a school for children with special needs...I love that they do not care what anyone thinks about them...they are just...themselves.  It is great!  College started at the same time as work...this is my first semester to take all online classes.  So far I am enjoying it.  It is great to have teachers go strait to the point...not having to go to class until eleven o clock is pretty great too! 

Wedding issues...I have lots of them.  We had some problems with the DJ we really wanted.  Thankfully, Casey and I were eventually able to come to a conclusion that we both felt okay about.  I just want it to be time already!  I am about ready to go wedding dress shopping again...I want to find a dress that I love and that is affordable...unlike the 1600 dollar one I found when I went to visit my sister.  David's Bridal really has great prices for the dresses they have.  I will be trying there next!  As for everything else...I don't really care about so much but I would like to get almost everything in order before my mom goes to Mexico...did I say that before?

 Yes, my Mom is moving to Mexico...but it is for a great cause.  They really do have a need for Christian missionaries over there...when we first found out that she was leaving we pretty much flipped...but after going to Mexico and really seeing the need it made a huge impact on me and I couldn't be more proud of her.  Keep the people in Mexico in your prayers... along with the missionaries who are giving up their lives to help these people. 

My friend Matt left recently to go back to his base...he is in the army and will be leaving soon to go overseas.  I can't imagine leaving everyone I love to put myself in a very dangerous situation.  I really appreciate the men and woman who are strong enough to make that decision and just wanted to say thank you to all of them. 

Well...that is all I have for tonight.  Sweet dreams!

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