Friday, November 9, 2012

The end is near!

I just registered for my last semester of college!! Woohoo!  I cannot wait for what is in store for this upcoming year.  I am sure at times it will be so stressful that I will want to curl up in a ball and hide somewhere but I know in the end it will all be worth it.  I will have a college degree, already be employed, and be married to my best friend!  The wedding is slowly coming together.  I bought my dress a few weeks ago and it is gorgeous!  I decided on the bridesmaids dresses, booked a DJ, looked at photographers, finished a rough draft of the invite list and so on.

Work has been all kinds of crazy.  I am finally getting used to my new classroom of kids but it looks like there are some more changes coming my way.  I am just not sure what the changes will be or even when they will happen.  The past two weeks I have been stressed beyond belief.  Knowing that change is coming and being stuck in the middle of it all wares me out.  I just want the changes to happen and be done with it.  I love my job matter how bad the day is or how aggravated I get at the end of the day I really love my kids.  They are such a blessing to me.  People say you have to have patience to work with children with special needs but sometimes I feel like I am learning to have it more and more as I go.  I learn better ways to handle things and better ways to relate to my kids.  Honestly, I probably learn something new everyday.  I won't night I have to pray for God to give me more patience, sometimes it feels like there never is enough... but the days I remember to ask God for help are my best days.  Without Him I would not be able to do what I do.  He has truly blessed me.  By giving me a job doing what I love before I have even graduated college, letting me work somewhere that I absolutely love and employees that are so supportive and caring, for giving me so many chances to learn new skills like tube feeding, behavior modification strategies, IEP's and so much more!  Things that I would not have been close to doing if He hadn't led me to where I am.  I really have to give Him full credit. 

 School will most likely be crazy this upcoming semester.  I have to take two winter classes and four classes during the semester.  The winter classes are really what I am worried about.  But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel so I know I can do it!  I decided not to walk for graduation.  That just really isn't my thing and no part of it excited me.  I just want to get my diploma and be done with it!  

Casey was out of a job for a while but he recently found a part time job and that was an answer to our prayers.  Hopefully in the near future he will find a long term one.  He is looking into a job at the zoo which is super cool!  I think it would be something he could really enjoy. I have been thinking lately about the apartment we have been looking at.  I cannot wait for us to get our own place.  It will be nice to have somewhere to ourselves that we can make our own.  It is even more fun to think about now because it is in our reach!  Just a few more months!  I also won't mind not having to drive an hour and fifteen minutes to work everyday.  By the end of the week my legs ache because of driving so fact they are aching right now :( I don't know if I have said this before but I am blessed to be marrying such a caring man.  He practically takes care of me already.  Always checking on me and making sure I don't need anything.  He is just awesome!

So I guess I should say something about this recent election  I am a strong believer in voting.  I feel like it is not only our right as Americans to vote but an obligation as citizens.  Some people may disagree with the statement of obligation because we are not required by law but it is something that we should do.  I think that people also have a right to choose their own candidate.  They can choose to stand for things that I don't agree with...that is their right.  As a Christian there are some things morally that I cannot stand for like abortion and gay marriage.  I would NEVER condemn someone for doing those things.  As I have said before we are all sinners I am just as sinful as someone involved in a gay relationship.  I vote against gay marriage because the Bible says that it is wrong.  I also vote against abortion because the Bible says "thou shalt not kill".  The people who take part in those things can deal with themselves and God just as I will do for my sins but I would not willingly support those things because I know they are wrong.  If that makes any sense.  The person I voted for obviously did not get elected but that does not mean that I would bash the other.  I don't agree with everything that he stands for but God tells us to respect our leadership.  Even if they are not Christians and do not believe the same things that we do.  So in saying that I will pray for President Obama that the Lord will guide him during his time in office.  I hope that others will do the same because our country really needs it.

Well, that is all for now.  I will keep you updated in the weeks to come.