Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm in charge here!

Well the first week back to work after Christmas and my first week of teaching has gone fairly smoothly.  The kiddos have been testing some which is never very fun but so far I have made it through.  I have started every morning off with a teacher devotion called "Morning Meetings With Jesus" by Susan O' Carroll Drake.  There is a devotion for every day of the school year.  The devotions make great points and are very encouraging.  If you are a teacher you should check it out! I could not get through my day if I did not start it out with a prayer asking God to guide me through.  Without his guidance I would be completely lost. 

My students are transitioning fairly well and are slowly but surely learning the rules of the classroom and what is expected of them.  I have put each student on a first and then schedule and for the most part they work very well.  If you are a teacher and are using first and then's for your special education students I will tell you to make sure you have many rewards for the students to choose from.  They can get bored fast and loose interest if there are not many to choose from.  I think so far the most frustrating thing I have had to deal with is one of my students who is constantly trying to poke me in the eye ball.  He has succeeded before and poked it rather hard.  I have tried everything.  I have ignored it for days at a time, I have given punishment for it...I am fresh out of ideas.  My boss thought that maybe wearing glasses would help but this week he has ripped them off my head twice and tried to break them in half.  So it is back to the drawing bored with that one.  I will let you know if I find a way to stop this behavior... just in case someone deals with the same thing in the future.  That is the most frustrating thing but I will tell you some things I have to say the most...Hands out of your pants.  Put that thing back in your pants.  Don't lick the chair.  Keep your shoes on.  Don't eat that play dough.  Hands to yourself.  Sometimes I think it is crazy the things that come out of my mouth. lol shifting from work to school.  I am currently in two winter mester courses and thankfully one is coming to an end next week! I have made somewhat decent grades so I should pass this course easily.  My other one goes for about another month and my other classes for Spring start in two weeks so that will be an interesting few weeks.  Like I said will only be with God that I will be able to do any of this.  He gives me the strength I need.

More next time! :)