Friday, September 21, 2012


I have never really been a fan of change.  In fact at all costs I tend to avoid it.  At work just as I was getting comfortable I was moved to a different classroom.  This classroom is very different from the class I was in at first but very similar to the one I was in last year.  I was moved to the early elementary class...this class definitely has its challenges.  From poop issues to hitting/pulling hair issues and so on.  But I do like a challenge so it has been okay.  I am getting familiar with the routine of things so in a few weeks I will be nice and settled in.  We only have four students which may sound like nothing...but believe me IT IS.  It is nice though because we get a lot of one on one time with the kids which they really need and it allows us to learn things that we may not in a classroom with more students.  Each of them is unique and add something to the classroom as well.  It should be a fun rest of the year.    

Thankfully my school work has been fairly easy so far this semester.  I haven't had too much homework and that makes a big difference.  So far I have been able to stay on track and not get behind.  But I have been so tired it is hard for me to not just get home from work and go to sleep.

I have started a Bible study with the woman at my Church.  This first week we read the book of Hosea.  I have read the great book based on Hosea called "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers which I am considering rereading.  I have never actually read the book in the Bible though.  It was very hard to read.  It really shows God's hate and disgust towards sin and then the contrast of his great love and compassion for His people and in that love forgiving them for the terrible things they had done.  It really helped me put things in a different perspective seeing my sin through God's eyes instead of through my own which honestly does not view my sin as harshly as God does. It also talks about how our sin can blind us and keep us from really growing in Christ and "seeing" Him.  It was definitely an eye opener for me and really forced me to see my sins for what they really are.

My puppy is doing great!  She is getting so big.  When we first got her she was malnourished but now she looks super healthy.  She is learning a lot and finally comfortable with her kennel.  Poor thing for about the first month would whine and whine when I would put her in there.  OH and I don't know if I ever mentioned this but she had a biting problem.  If she was a small puppy it wouldn't have been such and issue but she is a forty pound puppy...  Thankfully she has gotten better.  It has not totally subsided but she does not do it nearly as much. 

This week was my fiance's 21st Birthday! It is so exciting...he is all grown up. :) We celebrated with a dinner and will be going out again this weekend.  I love birthdays...they are my favorite! 

Well that is all for now...have a great weekend! I know I will.

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