Sunday, July 29, 2012


Sundays...I love Sundays.  My honey is off work and we get to go to Church and spend time with family.  Church was very...interesting today.  It always is when almost everyone is out of town but Mark preached today.  Mark is one of the most amazing men I have ever known.  Taking a close second to my Papa.  His main point today was that we need to wait for the Lord...and not just wait for him like we "wait" for the next school year to start or for the weekend to be over so we can go back to work but to really anticipate Him coming back.  This one is a hard one for is hard for me to admit but a lot of times I really dread Him coming back before I get to do what "I want" to do.  Things like get married and have kids.  This is so incredibly selfish of me say that I find being married and having kids as more important then spending the rest of my life with my Lord and Savior.  I can't give up those wants despite the fact that He laid down His life for me...I am not saying any of this to say that God doesn't want me to marry or have kids but it becomes wrong went I put those wants before Him.  Maybe I am the only one who struggles with this feeling...but I bet I am not.  Needless to say this sermon hit me pretty hard today so I thought I would share.  Maybe in sharing this you will learn from it too.  Isaiah 40:27-31 is the reference he used if you would like to see it for yourself.

On another note my grandparents took my brother, fiance and I out to eat for lunch...have I mentioned that I have the greatest grandparents in the world?  They are truly amazing.  They have offered to help pay for parts of the wedding and are always there for me no matter what.  I love them to death! I think we become more aware of how lucky we are as we get older.  You realize how much people really do for you.  I am so thankful the Lord blessed me with my grandparents.

My dog Sunday is doing okay.  She is still at the vet but is healing well.

Now time to spend some mommy daughter time watching a scary movie!  I love my mom...she is the greatest.

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