Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year

Well... the year is coming to an end. I cannot help but think about this past year and all that has happened.  Thursday it will be a year since Casey and I got engaged.  Time sure flew...the wedding is now seven months away and things are slowly falling into place.  I was offered a teaching position at the school I have been working at for the past year which is such a blessing.  I have not even graduated college yet and I already have a job that I have always wanted.

For the new year I feel things will get even better!  In August I get to marry the man of my dreams, in May I will graduate...God willing from college and hopefully again next year I will be offered the same teaching position.  Everything is coming together nicely.  Not to say any of this will be easy.  I am a teacher now so this calls for a lot of planning.  Making lesson plans and working on IEP's(Individualized Education Plans) which I have to have for each of my students.  Thankfully I am co-teaching with another girl which means we can split everything in half.  That is if each of us does our parts...for anyone who has ever done a group project you know that is not always the case.  But on top of all of that I have school work as well.  Four classes for my Spring semester but one of my Winter mesters goes through February so for a while I will have five classes on my plate.  One of which is part of the masters program so I am sure it will be somewhat harder than my other classes.  Then on top of that I am planning a wedding.  Thankfully I still have plenty of time to plan so that is not as pressing as the other things.  Even though this next year is going to be seriously crazy and overwhelming I believe it will all be totally worth it.  After May is over things will calm down a bit..other than the wedding planning and a huge weight will have been lifted from my chest.

I hope everyone else had a great year and I hope the best for everyone this coming year.  I will be spending time with friends and family to finish off this year and I hope everyone else does as well.  May everyone remember what is important this coming year and not let life get you down.  Happy New Year! Have fun tonight and be safe.   

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